Legal Information

Under our legal information branch, the Clinic provides answers to your legal questions. We cover almost all areas of Quebec law, ranging from residential leases, family law to employment law and civil procedure. We do not take on criminal law, tax law or construction law cases.

Additionally, our volunteer caseworkers can only provide information, not advice; they can cite and explain the law, but they cannot recommend any course of action.


We are taking on a limited amount of cases remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, if you wish to reach our legal information branch, you may do so by filling out the online intake form on our Legal Information page. Once you submit the form, a caseworker will review the information and call you.

Student Advocacy

The Student Advocacy service aims at helping students navigate McGill University’s internal policies. Our volunteer advocates can inform, advise and represent students who are undergoing disputes with the University. Need help contesting a grade? Fighting an expulsion? Having trouble with a supervisor? Our Clinic can help!


Student Advocacy is taking on cases remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic! To get in touch with a student advocate, email

Community Services

The Clinic is actively developing and implementing new legal education initiatives. Below are some recent examples:

  • Just Info Presentations. We create and deliver presentations on the law that are tailored to organizations’ needs. We cater to both on-campus and off-campus groups.
  • Know Your Rights campaign. Three times a year, we hold a legal information booth  on-campus. Keep your eyes peeled for our next iteration!
  • Court Accompaniment Program. We accompany clients to their hearings at the small claims court and the Régie du logement. While we cannot comment on the substance of claims, we can provide information on procedure and offer moral support.
  • Commissioner of Oaths. We can commission your documents for free. Stop by at the Clinic during our opening hours.


The physical space of the LICM is currently closed due to COVID-19. However, the community services branch of the clinic is able to offer some of its legal education initiatives remotely:

  • Just Info Presentations are being given remotely as webinars. Email to schedule a presentation.
  • In light of McGill’s announcement that the Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 semesters will take place online, the Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 editions of the Know Your Rights campaign will take place remotely through a series of online presentations and webinars.
  • As the Régie du logement and the small claims courts are currently closed due to COVID-19, our Court Accompaniment Program is suspended until further notice.
  • Our Commissioner of Oaths service is currently being offered to McGill students remotely. Head on over to our Commissioner of Oaths page for more info on how to schedule an appointment with a commissioner.