During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Clinic is committed to providing you resources that will help answer your legal questions.

Below you will find a list of legal clinics that are open and updates on the measures taken by our judicial system to adapt to the crisis.

This page will be updated regularly.

COVID-19 Legal Clinic 

Phone number: 514 789 2755 (Montréal)

1 866 688 8729 (toll free)

Press release:  http://www.fil-information.gouv.qc.ca/Pages/Article.aspx?idArticle=2803198587&fbclid=IwAR3aVR4j0Sl6-h9PyqAveAAKCCancSdtcaLAwaK__oMRJeI6wXe0Wi5zYEU


  • Free legal information
  • Phone lines are open
    • Monday to Friday 8:30AM-4:30PM

COVID Law Hive

Intake form: https://lawhive.ca/question-form/



  • A group of volunteer Canadian lawyers and law students giving out free legal information and advice on COVID-19 related issues taking place outside of Quebec to do with workplace health & safety, changes to work contracts, layoffs, reduced hours or pay, rental housing issues, access to children, child or spousal support concerns, urgent family law proceedings and refunds (flights, cruises, weddings, daycare services, etc).
  • They are able to answer questions in English, French, Arabic, and Romanian!

Greater Montreal Community Justice Center

Phone number: (514) 227-3782

Website:  https://www.justicedeproximite.qc.ca/en/centres/grand-montreal/


  • Free legal information given by lawyers on everyday legal questions. Can provide limited legal information on tax, IP, immigration, criminal, youth protection, class actions, bankruptcy.
  • They are closed for in-person meetings indefinitely. However, they still provide legal information over the phone.

Service de référence du Barreau 

Phone number(514) 866-2490

Email: reference@barreaudemontreal.qc.ca

Website: https://www.barreaudemontreal.qc.ca/public/service-reference


  • First 60 minutes cost 60$
  • Only provide service by email

Head and Hands

Phone number(514) 481-0277

Email: legal@headandhands.ca for Emilie
legalassist@headandhands.ca for Catherine

Website: https://headandhands.ca/


  • Free legal information.
  • Open by phone and email only.
    • Monday and Friday: 12PM-5PM
    • Tuesday to Thursday: 12PM-8PM