During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Clinic is committed to providing you resources that will help answer your legal questions.

Below you will find a list of legal clinics that are open and updates on the measures taken by our judicial system to adapt to the crisis.

This page will be updated regularly.

COVID-19 Legal Clinic 

Phone number: 514 789 2755 (Montréal)

1 866 688 8729 (toll free)

Press release:  http://www.fil-information.gouv.qc.ca/Pages/Article.aspx?idArticle=2803198587&fbclid=IwAR3aVR4j0Sl6-h9PyqAveAAKCCancSdtcaLAwaK__oMRJeI6wXe0Wi5zYEU


  • Free legal information
  • Phone lines are open
    • Monday to Friday 8:30AM-4:30PM

Greater Montreal Community Justice Center

Phone number: (514) 227-3782

Website:  https://www.justicedeproximite.qc.ca/en/centres/grand-montreal/


  • Free legal information given by lawyers on everyday legal questions. Can provide limited legal information on tax, IP, immigration, criminal, youth protection, class actions, bankruptcy.
  • They are closed for in-person meetings indefinitely. However, they still provide legal information over the phone.

Service de référence du Barreau 

Phone number(514) 866-2490

Email: reference@barreaudemontreal.qc.ca

Website: https://www.barreaudemontreal.qc.ca/public/service-reference


  • First 60 minutes cost 60$
  • Only provide service by email

Head and Hands

Phone number(514) 481-0277

Email: legal@headandhands.ca for Emilie
legalassist@headandhands.ca for Catherine

Website: https://headandhands.ca/


  • Free legal information.
  • Open by phone and email only.
    • Monday and Friday: 12PM-5PM
    • Tuesday to Thursday: 12PM-8PM